ALS ice bucket challenge

Hi All i hope you are all well

I got nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge yesterday n Im pretty proud to say I tipped a lovely freezing cold bucket of water over my head wearing nothing more than a skirt & bikini top (was thinking fast and easy removal after haha) and of course I donated to the ALS charity!

I cant help but wonder how many people have actually donated and how many people have dont it for social media likes!

Sam x

argh! oh no i wouldnt do it.

if i get cold it takes hours to warm up.

well done to you though, you brave soul!

carole x

This has got to be the best freezing water tipping ever; can’t stop laughing


I did the challenge on both my kids today!

Well - its for charity!! how could i refuse!!

Ha ha ha!! i secretly enjoyed getting my own back on my teenage daughter after some of her teenage tantrums!!

We have donated but i’m sure a lot haven’t.

I told the kids NOT to nominate me but to nominate their dad instead!!!