All flavours of STD infections

Hi, relapsing MS here. For the last 4 years I have had dozens of urine and sperm analysis and most of the time they turn up all sorts of STD infections: staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterococcus faecalis, candida, Escherichia coli… Some results have even come clean. I have taken at least 10 different type of antibiotics wich, usually, have to work right away. No luck, it always comes back.
Anyone with a similar problem? Any solution?
Most neurologists in my country do not even admit the problem is MS related, but there are those that do.
I’m goin nuts, because this is contagious and, off course, my partners are at risk, even using a condom!
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi. I am not sure if it’s related. I always thought that something sexually transmitted is picked up during sexual intercourse. I have heard of stories of genital thrush and urinary track infections in MS though.

Best to consult clinicians on such issues but from a quick scan of literature etc, I don’t think it is likely that MS causes STDs. If anything it’s more likely that a series of STDs could cause MS relapses.

Hi, I’m not saying ms caused it. I’m saying that I can’t get rid of it because of ms, at least that is my opinion.

I don’t know enough about all MS Drugs but some certainly suppress the immune system. Similarly, from my admittedly limited knowledge, steroids can affect the immune system