Hi. Does " wobbly legs syndrome"ever go away? I’m booked to go away abroad in a few weeks time but don’t know if I can feeling like this. I’ve had this before and it did go away for a long time but this time it feels worse.

Hi Alison.

Sorry to hear about your wobbly legs. Are you in a relapse at the moment?

From what I’ve learned on these boards, but may not always apply, is that with RRMS,

some relapses can get better, but leave some residual problem.

If this could be the case for you, do you think it might be a useful idea to take a lightweight manual/self propel wheelchair along…just in case you get fatigued or feel wobbly?

I know a lot of MSers do this and find it helpful and can enjoy their holiday more, knowing they have a Plan B.

Luv pollx

hi alison

i’d hire a scooter because i loaned a self propelling chair at ms life and man! did it make my arms ache!

i think a self propel chair is best getting used to at home.

don’t forget to let your travel agent know and the airline because you will be helped through check in and avoid those long queues.

my legs are getting more wobbly by the day,

so far i have only used a stick but i lost it last week and now i’m scared to go out with my wobbles.

enjoy your holiday, come back with a (safe) tan, lots of photos and lots of good memories.

carole x

Haven’t bn diagnosed with Ms yet but have had wobbly legs before. Gp doesn’t seem to believe me but has referred me to neuro who I should see in sixteen weeks. Not in the mood for holiday now!


Something you could try is Pilates. The exercises are designed to build your core strength, so will improve your balance and ability to stand & walk. You could do it either at the gym or with a DVD. Whenever I see a physio, the exercises I do are based on Pilates ones, and my legs always see an improvement.

Hope you have a smashing holiday : )