Alinker Walking Bike

Alinker Walking bike as an alternative to rollator/crutches. Type in to you tube and see then in action. I want one but only available in Canada and America.

Moyna xxx

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Wow Moyna

If I had the physical attributes necessary, I’d be desperate to get one. They look amazing. But you need some walking ability and have to be able to cock your leg over the seat.

Fabulous for people who can get them and who are capable of using them.

The new inventions coming out all the time are ultimately going to change people’s lives. I’m really glad that is the case and only slightly envious.


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Probably a bit lazy, but I quite like the look of these and wouldn’t take much to make them disabled friendly.

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The Alinker bike was first available in the Netherlands. I am in Scotland, and I’ve got one arriving some time in May or June

They don’t have a dealer in the UK, but I contacted the maker, Barbara Alink and decided to go ahead and purchase one. I ended up going to the Netherlands, my two daughters went with me, we had a bit of a holiday, and I got to try another Dutch bike the Berkelbike, it is a trike that has foot and hand cranks.

The Alinker is fantastic. I am a bit nervous about using it on the Edinburgh pavements though

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It does look great but not very stable! Do you feel as if you might go over?

Great - So they ship to the UK. Please tell me how much they cost. Do you know if there is a website I could purchase one from. Just one more question - do you think you could travel with it on an airoplane ?

Thanks xxx

This appears to be the Netherlands site and probably worth sending a mail to check on availability.

Looks fun but as walking is my main problem, sadly not practical for me. It is good though that someone is trying to be inventive and think of alternatives to help with taking the strain out of walking… My dad is 81 and generally fit he would love it, such a big kid. LouLou x

Just over £1200! Ouch!


Yes ouch, but just think, if using that kind of equipment meant you kept fitter, retained walking ability and core strength for longer, it might mean a pwms is able to work for longer thus making it worth the money.

Or another way of looking at it is that is the goddamned UK NHS, DWP, local council, social services depts, etc were all able to work collectively in a more holistic way, maybe they’d invest in equipment of this nature that would ultimately help people to keep their mobility and working (thus tax paying) ability and not remain a ‘drain’ on the country’s resources, but instead be a contributor.

Maybe one day in a utopian future …


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Don’t fancy “walking” the cobbled streets in the windy city.


I got to try one in my size, it felt very stable, not at all tippy

Walking in it was much, much easier (for me) than walking with a walker

Even if your walking is really bad you might still be able to use it

The seat takes your weight, and together with the handle bars take care of balance

Your arms do the steering, all your legs need do is the putting one foot in front of the other part

I have much less strength in the left side and I could correct for this and even make it go with just the right leg.

I bought it through the Dutch Alinker website, but only after emailing the owner. I don’t think you could just purchase one on the website and get it shipped as a matter of course without talking to them, just because they are such a new company.

How did you get to try one before buying?

Hi Tilly, I think I might get one. Do you think you could travel with it on a plane ?

Moyna xxx

these bikes are now available in the UK at [link removed by moderator - PM author directly]

Doctor Geoff, £1200 ouch? Oh yes its expensive this disabled lark. My Benoit Light drive was just under £4000 - purchased with grant money.

My off road chair? Well you can look it up Trekinetic - only bought cuz I was left some money but hell yeah it has proved its worth.

Great words of wisdom Sue !

The device looks fab.

I own the Liberty trike (lots of videos available on YouTube) and this mobility aid/electric tricycle is truly wonderful, highly recommended !

I bought it from the US

Wow the trike looks amazing. Shame I have no core stability so it’s too late for me.



The trike looks terrific and good build quality (compared to Di Blasi), but probably not suitable for the taller rider, which is a shame. Nice to hear you are a satisfied customer.

Hi all. Can I pick up on this thread? I only saw something yesterday and I’ve been in touch with the manufacturer and also heard from Barbara the inventor.

I would like to try one and as it happens they have two available at the RAF museum in north-west London which is not far from me so I’ve arranged to go with my husband tomorrow morning and have reserved the Alinker so I can give it a go!

They used to have a company in Edinburgh who was representing them but apparently this is no longer the case due to Brexit problems.

It’s very expensive - I think in the US you can rent it with a view to buying.

I just use a walking pole and for museums and art galleries I have a folding chair thing but it isn’t very good for general walking when it’s folded down. Would like to feel that I could do these trips without having to look for somewhere to sit down and have a rest all the time.