Alemtuzumab (Campath) Trial Recruiting

Those interested can find the details here.

Hmm, they’re not exactly ‘selling’ it with the enthusiasm it deserves, are they? Considering the astoundingly good long-term results of the drug formerly known as Campath, and the fact that it’s currently unavailable because of strategic relicensing, they should have people leaping up (figuratively speaking) and begging to go on this trial.

There also appears to be a vitally important word missing from the blurb, and I’ve taken the liberty of inserting it below:

"This trial is still recruiting so if you think you are eligible please ask your neurologist to refer you to Cambridge! The aim of this work is to make Alemtuzumab safer, by preventing or reducing the incidence of autoimmune complications of alemtuzumab. It is in everybody’s interest for this to happen!

“The purpose of the CAM-THY trial is to try and prevent side effects of alemtuzumab (formerly known as Campath-1h). Although alemtuzumab is an effective treatment of MS, it has side effects; in particular 1 in 3 MSers develop a new TREATABLE autoimmune disease after treatment.”

The MS Trust has a helpfully brief explanation about the current licensing issues:

Campath = no MS, treatable Graves disease = no brainer? Unless I’m missing something, of course…

Lolli xx

Damn, I haven’t had enough relapses. I applied for the first trial 10 years ago and couldn’t get on it and now, as I’d really love to be able to plan without worrying about becoming SPMS, I don’t qualify yet again.

I hope the trial goes really well for all those people who do qualify. I think it’s a very important and powerful treatment to stop all MS activity.



To be fair to all these trials, it gives us something to hold on and maybe, just maybe, someday we will be offered a cure for this horrible, annoying disease…