Hi everyone,

Ive recently been diagnosed with rrms and due to start alemtuzamab in April. Has anyone else been in this? Just wondering what you experience has been and any tips!! :slight_smile:

thankyou Gill xx

Hello bagpuss, Due to start lemtrada too,just waiting for the hospital to pull their finger out and actually give me a date as to when? I’m based in northants,what about you? Pm if you would prefer

I’m in cambridge, they developed alemtuzumab and did all the trials so I’m very fortunate that it seems to be a well oiled machine! I’m doing it as day case so don’t have to rely on beds which makes things easier. I’ve heard eurax cream for the rash is good and lots of water. I’m taking 3 weeks off work hoping that’s enough, how long are you booking off? Planning on watching lots of box sets!

Fair play to you. Hope it goes really well. I too ,if I actually get a date for the infusion will plan on 3-4 wks of work,luckily I’m self employed so it won’t matter either way. Hopefully that will be long enough,but how longs a piece of string?( I must be getting old coming out with that saying!)

Indeed, I’ve read some blogs of people who had it in trials and some people sailed through but some people took months to get back to normal. Fingers crossed it’s worth it though! :slight_smile: