So it's done!

Had my fifth and final Lemtrada/Campath infusion yesterday and was released last night from hospital. So far everything is going fine and I’m feeling quite good in myself currently. Not sure if I’ll feel any negative effects later in the week but I’m expecting I may after reading others stories about it. Looking forward to the future now. If you have any questions about it I’ll be happy to answer any of them.

K x

i remember it being called alemtuzumab when i was going through diagnosis.

sister in law sent me a newspaper cutting about a young man who responded really well and had got back to being really active.

i requested it when i got my dx but was told that it hadn’t been passed by NICE.

the neuro was impressed that i could pronounce it though! (i was impressed too)

carole x

Well done on getting through the week! I have my first infusion starting on Monday… Bit nervous!

Do you have any tips/things to look out for. I know this drug has side effects some pretty serious but I think we’re phenomenally lucky to be getting it first line in the uk.

If you read the trials and the possibility of putting Ms into long term remission it was a no Brainer for me when picking my dmt. Wishing you a successful recovery xxx

I think everyone reacts to it differently. I had read about people having body rashes for a few days. Mine started the day after I was released and lasted a few hours after taking some tablets and using a cream. I felt quite bad after the first infusion with flu like symptoms but again that only lasted for a few hours abc only happened on the first night. Everything else seemed to run quite smoothly and okay. I hope you have a similar experience with it too :slight_smile: