Hello people,

Tomorrow i am going into hospital for a 5 day course of Lemtrada infusion.

Just wondering who has been on the treatment and what the side effects and experience is like?

Thanks Guys,


I just had my first 5 day infusion this week. It actually went far better than I was expecting apart from the rash on day 4 that made me look like s tomato. Best advise I can give is drink loads!!! To keep the headache at bay and bring lots to keep you entertained as they are long days. Good luck

hi tyler

great! you can show ms who’s boss!!

i hear that you feel tired and a bit rough afterwards but it’s worth it.

carole x

How’re you Tyler? I hope ‘so far so good’, i’m due to start in a couple of months :slight_smile: i’m feeling really nervous, but positive :slight_smile: Stay well xxx