Experiences on Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada)

I started my disease modifying treatment yesterday, and ihave chosen to document it so anyone being offered the treatment will have some direct info from a patient, not just what the medics and the drug companies say. So far all positive, im feeling well. The first day’s write up is at And you can find more of my experiences running up to and after diagnosis in the full blog at Hope this will help someone overcome any fears they have of the treatment, and I will continue to blog through my treatment and after with details of how the treatment is going and probably just my ramblings about MS in general. Mike

That’s really helpful. I’m starting my infusion in April and found ‘davidscampathstory’ blog really helpful. As it’s such a new medication and idea what to expect/side effects/tips will be very much appreciated. Hope your infusion is going well

Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I’m rather worried as I have been referred for Lemtrada but I will have to wait almost three months to start it…is that crazily long? It’s fab that you could get onto it so soon after diagnosis Mike. How long did you have to wait Bagpuss?

I have a very active aggressive form of MS and as they say ‘time is brain’. There’s the option of starting on Tysabri earlier, but I know I want to be on Lemtrada in the longer-term and I’m so reluctant to mess about chopping and changine not knowing what effect that could be having on my body.

Very useful reading through that, I start my lemtrada on April 11th at St Georges, Tooting. What hospital were you at?