My journey

I was diagnosed with MS about three weeks ago, and I am due to embark on some disease modifying treatment (Lemtrada) it is a lot to take in in a short time. I have found that I have a lot of very good support around me and have had the lucky opportunity to meet someone in a similar situation diagnosis and treatment-wise although a month further along. All this has helped massively. So I thought I would document my journey as an online blog for anyone and everyone to read. If it helps just one person to understand MS a little better it will be worthwhile, or even if not it is helping me just to put on paper what is happening and make me think about how I really feel about it all.

The blog can be found at

hi mike

your blog was interesting as i recognised many parts of the journey.

your family sound wonderful too.

lemtrada sounds like a fantastic treatment, i remember asking for it when it was known as alemtuzumab but it hadn’t been passed by NICE so it wasn’t to be for me.

i went on copaxone and the daily injections didnt bother me for the first few years. then i got awful injection site reactions and this year my ms nurse was horrified at the lipoatrophy on my arms (like a chunk of flesh has disappeared).

so now i’m on tecfidera. here’s hoping.

carole x

Good read,just sent you a pm

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for sharing your blog! Has helped with not feeling anxious anymore ahead of my lemtrada infusions starting next week.

Thanks again!