Alcohol & Treatment


I have chosen Ocervus treatment as my DMT plan.

Does anybody here drink Alcohol after they have been on Ocervus ? I have looked online and can see mixed reviews about it.
When on Treatment is it best to stay away from it?


Best to stay away from alcohol anyway if you have MS. Particularly if you’re on DMT. Ocrevus costs us taxpayers £20k p.a. - don’t waste it :angry:

That’s not being moralistic, but in all the ways booze can screw with a normal system, it does so much worse when you have MS.

Hi Andy, im not on Ocrevus so couldn’t say what effect it might have with alcohol. That said, the last couple of years have been hard for everyone whether they have MS or not, so you’d be forgiven for fancying a drink or two. I’d say everything in moderation, could a beer or two, perhaps a glass of wine really be fire and brimstone, I’m not sure. Perhaps speak to your MS Team. I’m guessing you are or at least were a taxpayer, so don’t fret that either. Smile and enjoy, safely.

I’d drink unless advised not to by a doctor. There have been studies that have shown alcohol consumption to have a beneficial effect on ms. See OMS website if you wanted more info on that.

But honestly, life with ms can be challenging enough, don’t deny yourself simple pleasures unless you’re certain it’s necessary.

Charlotte xx

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