hello, my name is jenny, i have had ms for 21 years, after multiple diffrent attacks over the years i have been aked to go on ocrevus, i was wondering if anyone else was on it and what are your thoughts, i am a little nervous to go ahead to say the least but my neuro is quite insistant, thankyou

Hello Jenny

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If you are still having relapses, then a disease modifying drug (DMD) is a good idea. Have you tried / are you on any DMDs now?

Ocrevus does look like a good option and it’s one I’m going to discuss with an MS specialist in a couple of weeks. I too have had MS for 20+ years, have been re-diagnosed a couple of years ago as Secondary Progressive, then re-diagnosed again as Relapsing Progressive more recently.

I think taking a drug like this is very much a case of risk versus benefit. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then yes, it’s worth taking. And that’s what I’ll be discussing.

My case might be different to yours, I’ve tried 4 DMDs over the years and had serious side effects from three of them that meant I had to stop the drug. So it’s possible that Ocrevus won’t be suitable for me. I’m also quite disabled, so that might mitigate against some drugs.

Really, it’s a case of discussing your situation, your MS and your drug history with your MS nurse and/or neurologist and make your decision thereafter. But do some research into the drug first, make sure it’s your decision, not theirs. If you haven’t before, have a look at You can find all the various drugs listed under categories depending on their effectiveness.


Hello Jenny


There are a wealth of knowledgeable people on here.

Please have a look at the bottom of page 4 may have moved to page 5


Cannot wait to start on it


Hello Jenny,

hope you are feeling better these days , if possible of course.

I am on Ocrevus, for last almost three months now.

Atleast no new relapses (MS is horridly severe onto me).

There is a thread( which one of the members have already suggested here, about Ocrevus). It is very much on page 5, last post on 19th November.

Just to add, as skin infections are related to Ocrevus, during the last two weeks, I had fungal infection of my toe nails. And also, Stye on my left eye.

There is severe tenderness and pain in my toes now. Which neuros seem to be due to peripheral nerve involvement by MS.

Hope Ocrevus works for all.