Albrecht Dürer

Has anyone seen today’s Times newspaper? There’s a review of a new exhibition of Dürer works of art.

There’s a quote early in the review: “Why has God given me such magnificent talent?”

Does this remind anyone of one of our dear departed Forum members. How on earth have we managed the last year without being sold ‘useful’ items such as large quantities of rhino dung?




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You’ll have to spill the beans, Sue. Some of us newbies haven’t a scooby!

P.S. Is rhino dung any better than other dung? Need to pep up my roses…

I must admit to many revisits to the Brainfog thread to get a tiny piece of the old lunacy and genius of Durer enterprises. Highly entertaining and totally inoffensive. Hugely missed
Mick (ex senior Unicorn cheese wrangler)

Sorry. I know, too confusing for anyone who joined in the last year.

There was a thread entitled Brain Fog started by a character who usually called himself Albrecht Durer (he rather admired the artist). He sometimes called himself other things, AnthonyA, John Prideaux, Rubber Fingers and just occasionally Anonymous (stupid man not only forgot his Albrecht Durer password, but no longer had access to the email address with which he’d registered!)

The thread lasted for about 4 years, there were thousands of posts (15,000+?) and many, many contributors. It was fun. I know people have recently been complaining that this forum is no fun anymore. The loss of the Fog is a huge part of that for some of us.

Anthony and I began communicating via PM and email sometime after the thread began and continued communicating almost daily for a few years. The most amazing friend I’ve ever had.

Then Albrecht Durer, aka Anthony (et al), developed acute myeloid leukaemia. He died sometime soon after 9th December last year after he was moved to a hospice (when the b@stard nursing staff wouldn’t let me speak to him).

The Brain Fog thread died with Anthony. Mick has turned into a bit wuss who actually admits missing Anthony now. There were times when there were only the three of us being very silly on the BF. There’s a big part of me that misses the childish behaviour and idiocy we spent too much time on.

Oh, and with regard to Rhino dung, I believe it’s excellent for roses. But the only seller of said dung (to my knowledge) was Durer Enterprises of East Cheam. When I say seller, actually he’d try and flog some other cr@p and throw a few tons of rhino dung in for free.

You could search for the Brain Fog thread for a look at how ridiculous it was if you could be bothered. It’s probably incomprehensible now though because much of the nonsense won’t make sense out of sequence and using the current Forum platform. Plus, there was a lot of user image changes that really won’t make sense. An awful lot was said about ADs socks based on his personal images! I think there were days when his socks were changed on the Forum more frequently than in ‘real life’ (if there is such a thing, which I doubt!)


Oh and Mick is showing off. ‘senior unicorn cheese wrangler’ indeed. Only certified virgins are ever allowed to go near unicorns. And sweet girls like Flutterby Butterfly (where’s she gone anyway?). Of course, if Mick can show a ‘Virginal Status Certificate’ then he could claim anything he likes about unicorns.


Furthermore, if anyone ever happens to come across TraceyDCs ‘Can diary’ (a very funny diary she wrote over about 5 days about a camping/gin swilling trip Mr DC took her on), I’d like a copy of it So if you could copy and paste the diary into a new thread or send it to me via PM, I’d be very grateful. I’ve got absolutely no idea where in the 4ish years and many thousands of posts it is, so good luck searching whoever takes this challenge on.

how very dare you? I have no problem with you questioning my “Virginity” status, but to impune my cheese handling pedigree is a tad rude.
Here is a snap of my latest batch image

If you need to feel really ill try not to think about Cadbury creme eggs / advocaat or lime green knitted mankinis.
(all of which were part of the Brainfog thread. Sadly missed by me too.

FFS … please don’t invoke the lime green mankini!!

I take it all back - you are indeed the ‘senior unicorn cheese wrangler’. Perfect unicorn cheese. Not a question about your virginity status.

Chapeau Mick, His Most Magisterial AD would be impressed. Although he’d never admit it.

Sue Assistant to Mr Durer - on a good day!

I am relieved that you saw sense!! If AD was indeed impressed he would have sold it as a side order for some strange Durer Enterprises product which would cost an obscene amount to have surgically removed from my cat flap :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh Sue, yes of course I recall our illustrious leader AD…aka other names.
We had such fun with him…I was his feminine counterpart, spearheading the invasion of Blackpool.

The forum was alive and kicking then…

I always thought Mick was ADs ‘feminine counterpart’ (#biggirliewuss). But am happy to be proved wrong.

And as for invading Blackpool, the rest of us were invading the Isle of Wight (aka Isle of Durer or IOD). No wonder we never quite managed it, if everyone was off invading other places!


Hmm not sure I am any kind of counter part and self identify as cheese so gender plays no part. Isle of Wight / Blackpool : sounds like a classic Durer pincer strategy


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:clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

:cheese: :blush:

lovely thread - was it A D who always said he was ‘buggering on?’
I had a telephone consultation with a neuro yesterday - anyway he asked me how I was doing and I quoted A D and told said neuro I was ‘buggering on’ - neuro went sort of quiet - then feeling emboldened I quoted Dylan Thomas about how I ‘raged in to the night’ with this m.s. - problem was I used the ‘f’ word in connection with the m.s. - this led to a reprimand and a reminder not to use bad language. Anyway as I had decided I didn’t want any DMD we had little to talk about …and the consultation finished about all of ten minutes after it started - I did however suggest they (the Neuros) were looking in the wrong place (re finding cause of m.s.) and were too pre-occupied with the little ?? white blobs in our brains. He had nothing to say to that.

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Anthony used to end his email with ‘keep buggering on’ (shortened to KBO). It was a quote from Winston Churchill.

When I last saw my rehab neurologist I said ‘poxy bloody MS’, he answered ‘agreed’. He also said he’d give the gastroenterologist a ‘kick up the arse’ for me (re delay). It sounds like the neuro you saw had a stick up his own arse.

I had a look at the old BF thread earlier - you were about the third poster, back when you were an un-Welsh Krakowian!!


I think I was Valleyboy before the original Krakowian and when I joined this new forum Valleyboy re-appeared - probably because I have had the same e-mail address for ever.
Must admit I much preferred the old forum - this one seems to be slowly withering away.

Oh you little tinker Valleyboy! Telling a neuro what’s what…how very dare you and btw…good on yer!