missing AD

Hi, just wondering if anyone on this board is in touch with Anthony aka albrecht durer?

He started a new thread last October, which is still going.

It`s been hilarious with socks at the centre and an invasion to IOW…which is to be re-named Isle of Durer.

I`ve just learned that Ant has PPMS, so I am wondering about him, as no-one has heard from him since 4th April.

His minions are worried about him.

Can anyone help? I`ve asked the mods, but received no reply as yet.

Cheers, Pollsx

Hi Poll, he was very active on this board for a while. Not sure why he’s left us. Hope he’s doing ok. I think a couple of the chaps on here might still be in touch. Hope so.

Hope you’re doing well hon,

Pat xx

still not heard owt.

do you know who here may be in touch with him?

it`s not like Anthony to be quiet so long.



I figure there’s two possibilities. Either he has computer/internet issues, or he may have relapsed and be without these in hospital? I hope it’s the former.

Could be a sneaky UTI. They can be absolute buggers. That play havoc with your marbles. What you have left of them anyway. He might have forgotten who we all are.

I’ve been in hospital before where there’ve been people who come across as absolutely psychotic because of a UTI.


Jeez, if he re reads the Brain Fog thread he’ll think he’s entered the flippin’ Twilight Zone where everyone has lost their marbles!!

The marbles have all gone north of the border and formed so sort of regiment at the town of Elgin. They are going by the unimaginative title of “The Elgin Marbles”

Evidently the have an Arch enemy in London


I’d have SO pressed the like button for that one Don!!!

Love Nina x

Snap I went to press it on the everyday Liveing board this morning sad