After a relapse

Hi All,

I have recently had what I would class as a minor relapse. I have now thankfully I think come to the end and getting back to normality.

My question is does anyone else feel absolutely exhausted and emotionally wrecked when they are finally recovering?

I am a little confused as to why I seem to do this as I have now realised this is the norm for me after a relapse. While I am in the middle of a relapse I am of course tired etc but not half as much as afterwards

I cant work out what causes me to have exhaustion after the event or is it relief that the pain etc has eased?

I am very interested to hear if anyone else gets this and how you deal with it.


syd x

Hi Syd

I’m the same I get more tired before a relapse but shattered after, I just want to stay in bed until it’s over but I know that’s not the right thing to do. I get up and need more help and everything has slowed down, not that I can move fast now.

Yvonne x