Advise after a lumbar puncture

So I had my lumbar puncture on Tuesday 10th I’ve been in so much pain with it and only just got out of bed today I’ve only moved to shutting on the sofa but that’s an imprivement I really want to get in the bath and wash my hair but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea in case my back hurts worse or gets infected I’ve been told I still have holes from the needles Andy advise would be welcomed

Hello Buggs. My advice is to see your gp tomorow and get this checked out…also explain what happend when having the lumbar punture. Your gp needs to know this in order to do the correct checks. Hope things get sorted for you soon…are you taking some pain relief? xxx

I’m just taking ibruprofin for the pain it’s inky taking a bit of it away I will see if I can get to the doc tomorrow

You can’t beat good old paracetamol…take them together.

Yar loads of people have said to do the 2 hour thing with them but paracetamol doesn’t work on me it never has I just can not be normal

Yar loads of people have said to do the 2 hour thing with them but paracetamol doesn’t work on me it never has I just can not be normal

I just meant take them together at the same time to increase the pain relief…worth a try. xxx

Hey Buggs

I had my LP 25th Nov and was v ill after it too. I couldn’t go to the loo properly or even make a cup of tea without lying down in the middle and had to brush my teeth lying flat, sitting I couldn’t do at all, so I sympathise. Painkillers had no effect on me whatsoever too for the first week. I saw my GP on the 29th and got signed off another week sick with a plan that if I wasn’t starting to get better by mid-week we’d need to contact the neuro. Thankfully though I still had a headache the paracetamol had some effect by then and I could be on my feet for 10-15mins bursts. My hair was a mess as I had gloop from the VEP still in it that I hadn’t managed to get out properly.

I would definitely go see your GP just in case. Take someone with you if you’re not able to stand - I took my partner. If that’s not feasible and you can’t make it to the surgery ring and speak to them. Most likely if your symptoms are marginally better you’re on the mend but it is slow going. I was off sick in total 2 weeks and even now though I don’t have a headache a car journey doesn’t quiet agree with me and any dancing or physical exertion makes my head feel strange.

Most important thing is to keep rested, lie flat, take your painkillers, drink lots specially caffeine unless you’re migraine prone as some people find caffeine triggers a migraine.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.



whent to see the doc at 9 this morning she refused to give or do anything so my mum has dragged me to a+e im not lyeing on a bed with a drip and painillers they are going to do a blood patch in a bit think i might be making a complaint about that doctor

You poor thing…,hope they get you sorted quickly. I find your GPS behavior rather odd…if you do wish to complain then it’s the practice manager you write to. Take care xxx