any tips on Lumbar puncture?

I had my 2nd neuro appointment today - he thinks he’ll stick with a diagnosis of M.E and Fibro - but says many people have unexplained progressing neuro symptoms and if tests can’t show the answers then he can’t do anymore with what he’s got.

I was shocked to see how far I’ve lost pinprick sensation - it’s now only sharp from my chest up- so has really spread.

He has however ordered another brain / neck MRI and also a lumbar puncture. He says that will be explained to me nearer the time- but I wondered if those of you who have experienced that (LP) have any advice? I was reassured when the neuro said “I do my own - and I’m very good at it!” I had to smile at that!

Make sure you ask for a ‘atraumatic spinal needle’, as it reduces the chance of getting headache.

The Barts guide is useful.

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And drink plenyt of fluids afterwards (but be aware that you maybe like me and have trouble standing up quickly straight afterwards, so make appropriate toilet arrangements!!).

RL, x

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thanks both!

I was so worried about getting a headache afterwards, but actually I felt better for the couple of days afterwards than for ages before. The whole thing turned out to be a breeze :slight_smile: It didn’t hurt at all and I had no headache whatsoever.

What I didn’t expect was to be there so long before the actual procedure, so take something to eat just in case, and yes, fluids, fluids, fluids… as I’ve been so unwell anyway I didn’t have any plans to cancel and so just lounged around at home pretty much as usual for a couple of days afterwards.

The other thing that really worried me was that if the doctor hit the leg nerve, I would jump and the needle would do some damage, she did hit the nerve, I did jump, but it didn’t matter, oh and it isn’t a pain if they hit a nerve, just a sensation iykwim.

The SHO used the smallest needle, so it took ages but she said that doing it that way reduces headache.

In summary: I would rather have an LP than a routine hygiene appt at the dentist.


I has no problems having mine at all. It took a while as they wanted to check my eyes first but once that was done it was easy.

I followed advice to drink lots of coke even though I hate the stuff and had no headache or other side effects.

thanks both of you - not sure how long the wait will be but not too long I hope!

I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure and was happy it was so easy until I got home and the headaches started and laid me low for a week. I had to stay in bed as the only way to stop the pain was lying down. I think my reaction was in part due to the extra jar of fluid the guy decided to take. I think because I was not feeling any discomfort he decided for just one more extraction. I think it was this that gave me the bad headaches. I am sure you will be fine and do look at the link someone gave you.

God luck

That is the best possible news on the matter - I was in the same fortunate boat when I had an LP a thousand years ago. I was a bit anxious, but there was no need: it didn’t hurt and there was no headache afterwards. I hope that you find the same.



thanks both-

I did read the article in the link and found it very informative

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