Lumbar Puncture

Good evening everyone, this is my first post although I’ve been reading the forum for several months now.

I’ve had both MRI and CT scans. Both showed lesions on my brain and spine.

I’m going into hospital for the day tomorrow for a lumbar puncture and evoked potential.

Can someone please give me advice about the lumbar puncture. I don’t know anyone who has had this procedure and I’m a little nervous!

What questions should I ask? Should I lean forward or on my side? What side affects should I be prepared for? How long will my recovery take?

Thanks everyone in advance!

Avril :slight_smile:

Hi My lumber puncture the doc doing the procedure put me on my side, drink plenty of full fat coke & water after I drunk 6 litres and lye down flat as long as you can , I did overnight and except for being a bit sore had no headache to speak of Good luck Gray

Thanks Gray, your message has reassured me.

I feel more confident now, cheers x

And if you can, Avril, take someone with you. You are going to be lying flat for an hour or so afterward, and it is nice to have someone to talk to.

For most people it is no big deal. Just ask that they wait an extra couple of minutes after the local anasthetic, and all you will feel is the tiny sting from that.


Thanks Geoff, I’ve always been healthy until April last year. I didn’t even know most of the GPs at my surgery!

All these hospital appointments and tests are new to me. I am a little nervous because I forgot to ask all the questions I planned at my last consultation.

I remember to ask them to wait a couple of minutes x