Hi there I’ve been recently diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms and have been asked to decide what treatment I want. I’m 32 and I work in construction. Any advice on what treatment I should start with?

Hi Holmesy

Have you been given any idea what your options are?

Have you looked at the MS Trust to see their info on treatments?

The choices are infusions for which you will need to be in a hospital.

Injections done by yourself.

Tablets which maybe more easily fitted in around your work.

You also need to know what the possible side effects are and how to minimise them.

for example I take Tecfidera which is one tablet am and one tablet pm. I need to eat beforehand to avoid side effects of deep flushing and gastric things like feeling queasy.

Have you been introduced to your MS nurse? This person will be your chief ally and will talk you through the treatments.

Fairly straight forward, Peanut butter on toast is my best breakfast then Tec.

Better to have something else to eat after the Tec - sort of trapping it between courses, same with evening Tec.

Good luck x