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I am new to this forum and would be grateful for any advice possible. A few weeks ago I saw a neuroligist as I had developed L’Hermittes sign. Previously I had been suffer from Numbness in the left hand side of my body and shortness of breath so much so I thought I ws taking a heart attack or a stroke. The Neuroligist was very up front and honest saying he believed I have MS (as he is also the Neuroligist for two of members of my immediate family) and has booked me in for an MRI. When I asked what would happen if the MRI came back clear he said he would be amazed. I am holding on to the hope that it may be a trapped nerve

Yesterday I recieved a phone call from our local MS nurse who wants to book me into the clinic to discuss medication with a view to starting in January. Today I have recieved a date of the 25/11 for my MRI.

I am slightly concered at the speed everything is going. Although my symptoms have subsided (apart from the L’Hermittes) I feel reasonably well. I really feel there is a good possibility I could have a trapped nerve and would hate to go on medication for something I dont have. I discussed this with the nurse and she thinks the Neuro is going mainly on my family history and that an MRI is a useful tool but not a deciding factor when diagonising MS.

I guess I am worried about taking meds if I dont have leisons on the MRI and not taking meds and becoming worse and developing leisons, I keep thinking back to various aches and pains I have had over the years and I cant help wonder if it was MS all along or am I over reacting.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also how long will I have to feel like a mobile phone, although its not sore this buzzing is very annoying.

I know you’re apprehension but I’d seriously consider going over the pros and cons with your MS nurse about subsquently not taking the medication. Not all medication can be for treatment, but a lot can be prevention. Without knowing what you’re taking it’s hard to say whether it’s worth it or not.

Personally I’d take the medication if the risk of not taking it is greater than anything else. Ultimately only you can decide these things, but it has to be done one way or another.

I hope things go well despite everything and it doesn’t hinder you too much in the run up to Christmas!

Take care,

Tsuki xx

Thanks for your reply Tsukiusagi

I think I need some concrete answers before I can make a decision on the medication. I am hoping I will get these from the Mri. I feel as though my symptoms are really not bad enough for medication.

I am really convinced this is a disc problem as my neck is quiet painful when I wake and think this may be cauing the L’hermitttes.

I would be really interested to hear if anyone has experienced this.

Hi K,

It’s only from reading your post I looked up on Wiki what L’Hermittes sign was. I’ve been getting this intermittently for the last six months. I was dx in August and am waiting to see a MS specialist. My first attack was last October and I lost feeling in the front of my left leg and kept falling over.

Anyway I’d suggest you meet the nurse and have the discussion - hopefully you’ll get some answers soon

Good luck


Hi Adam

It really is the strangest of sensations, thankfully it seems to be easing off now. I have postponed the appointment with the ms nurse for a few weeks.

I just think that if it turns out to be a disc problem I wont have wasted anyones time.

Are you taking any meds?