Advice Please

Hi All,

I am 26 years old. And about 5 months ago i had a couple of episodes when playing sport I would get cold sensation and feel light headed and my legs would start shaking to the point where i had to stop playing or take a break. Advised my doctor and he did some bloods and arranged an ECG. Blood were fine, ECG was abnormal. So I was sent to see a cardiologist, more bloods and another ECG and an Echocardiogram was done this time coming back fine. So I was released to continue normally. I have since experienced this feeling when doing sport only a couple of times and maybe due to having sweets or too much sugar before playing? Another weird feeling i get when playing with the coldness is pins and needles/tingling like sensation down the back of my head which can radiate to my legs but i have no sense of weakness.

A month later i returned to the doctor and told him that im still experiencing neck ache/throat( previously diagnosed with gerd) and that ive also noticed that my arms occasionally feel weak grip isn’t as strong as can be always. So he did some more bloods and arranged for me to have an MRI of neck and C-Spine.

Blood tests came back with elevated CK levels, Neck and C-Spine MRI came back normal. I of course had to google possibilities of elevated CK levels and my health anxiety started with thinking I had ALS, A week later I went to put my trainers and noticed a ripple in my toes, i freaked out and thought i was losing strenght in my toe so kept testing it, I now until this date have a persistent spasm/twitch/myoclonus which occurs almost every other minute it feels like under one of my small toes (2nd toe from the right, on my right foot) which doesn’t stop, it’s feels like a heart palpitation under the toe but you cant physically see the twitch.

Doctor agreed to send me to a neuro muscular expert which I am still waiting to see however as the anxiety or worry was getting to me i booked a private appointment with a neurologist and explained my symptoms. He did the standard neuro physical examination which everything was normal and he did a rework of my CK levels which this time came back well within range.

Peace of mind you might say? No because the twitching in my toe is still persistent I dont even know if it is a twitch because i dont see it move. I have also noticed my legs are very restless now to try and get off my mind and relax me, and sometimes when i shake my legs a couple of my toes do feel sort of numb but it doesnt usually last for long. My arm weakness that i mentioned earlier is intermittent, most of the time its fine. I still continue playing football and usualy am fine. I’ve noticed creakiness when moving limbs which is also intermittent, floaters in my eyes (doesnt happen often though) occasional blue in eyes ( I work in IT and am always looking at screens home or at work. Sometimes when im driving and foot on the clutch i have sensation up that leg, i also get tiny tingles feels more like fizzing in finger tips.the bugs crawling in my feel, sometimes both feet. Occasionally i also get carpal tunnel like symptoms if im clicking a mouse i’ll get a sensation in my wrist or forearm

When i go and visit my doctor now all i get prescribed with is Anxiety tablets, i think because of the amount of time ive been there they dont take me seriously.

Any help or advice would be great

Hi Anon!

Unexplained symptoms can be worrying but to be honest none of the things you are describing ring alarm bells for me. Pins & needles, twitches, numbness & odd sensations happen to everyone and can be perfectly normal. Unfortunately the more you focus on them and worry about them the ‘bigger’ they seem!

The only thing you can do now is wait and see how things go. Keep a note of your symptoms and give it some time. It doesn’t sound like it’s impinging on your life too much apart from the worrying about it. Things will pan out one way or another believe me - it sounds like you have a good GP who is there if you need her/him - don’t be afraid to go back - especially if something new happens. Sorry I haven’t got the answers for you! xxxxxxjenxxx

OK thanks. I agree. My only worry is the persistent twitch muscle spasm or myclonus, i don’t even know what it is that’s been there now for almost 3 months under the same toe. I really appreciate your response Jen. Thank You