Advice on first neuro app?

Hi all newb here! Ok so i went for an mri scan at hospital and it came back i have several demylanations in my head. Previos symptoms are from about 3 years ago of pins and needles tinglingand unable to move fingers for a few weeks. Most recent symptom was distorted vision. My question is…im seeing neuro for first time in 5 days and vould this possibly be ms with it being demylanation and what can i expect to happen on my first visit? I have a copy of my referral letter from my doctor to neuro and it doesn’t mention ms at all…i would have thought it would have mentioned suspevted at least . All it says eeally is review the patient and doscuss treatmentto prevent progression and to basically stop reoccurence. That to me tells me ot is treatable and could just be a mild form of ms?

One of the areas was the corpus collusum.

hi lozzykinz

don’t describe ms as mild.

it’s the work of the devil and even “mild” ms will torment you for years.

if you don’t feel able to speak your mind, take someone with you.

this person can prompt you if you miss important bits out and can make notes of what the neuro says.

if it IS ms, you should be offered a DMD so read up on them.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole! Love the username x

Even if the g.p. suspects it’s m.s. they can’t diagnose it - a diagnosis can only come from a neuro (Think I’m right about this.)

Even if the g.p. suspects it’s m.s. they can’t diagnose it - a diagnosis can only come from a neuro (Think I’m right about this.)

Ive kinda told myself it is ms tbh

Regardless of the symptoms and what you suspect, until the neurologist says it’s MS, you shouldn’t rely on it being so.

When you go for your neurology appointment, take a list of your symptoms, together with rough dates and whether any symptoms have got better, and how long they lasted.

It’s also a good idea to take someone with you to the appointment. This is because we quite often forget what the doctor says and leave the consulting room asking ‘what did s/he say happens next?’

Best of luck with it.


Thanks all. Taking my mum with me bless her. Already got a list of symptoms and questions at the ready! Trying to stay positive but sometimes it gets me down. Will be glad when tuesday is here.

Hi Lozzy You’ll be ok, don’t worry if it is MS, although it sucks you’ll learn to live with it/cope. Your referral letter won’t include what the diagnosis will be, I don’t think they’re allowed to include that in the letter if I’m honest. Best advice for the day of your appointment, take tissues - because you may well cry regardless of whether it is MS or not you’ll either be relieved its not or gutted and confused if it is. Also give your mum something to write on as you’ll possibly forget to jot stuff down as the Neurologist talks. Most importantly of all don’t stress yourself out about the appointment whatever will be will be and stressing won’t do you any good. Good Luck x

Thank you Spud :slight_smile: