Advice ....... Numbness

Please can some one give me advice? My finger tips was numb in both hands for about two weeks and now the numbness and travelled in to my whole right hand and up my arm to my elbow. It’s very annoying I can’t hold any thing, I can’t even put my make up in :(. I went to my doctors aboutmy finger tips they did bloods and I was low on folic acid (I now have a supliment to take) not sure if folic acid has anything to do with the numbness. I have left two messages for my ms burse to contact me but no reply!!! If any ones got any advice that would be really good please?

have you got a diagnosis? because numbness is a very common symptom of ms.

before my diagnosis i was given thiamine tablets (one of the b vits) and after a few weeks the numbness went away. unfortunately it came back with knobs on.

sorry just seen that you have an ms nurse. try asking her/him for thiamine.

carole x

Hi ya.

I had a big numbness attack end of May last year. Started from my left arm pit and travelled down and numbed my left side of my body to the end of my toes. This was a really thick ‘dentist’ numbness that last a month or so before receding back. The numbness might have gone but I’m left with less heighten sensation form where it touched. So I can only assume it was a relapse or a new lesion or two that appeared.

Some people say to get some steroids from the GP, neurologist, MS Nurse. I never found out and it was usually a shrug of the shoulders from the medical profession as they don’t know. So I just bumble along and take it symptom as it comes.

Take care,