Advice needed.. New symptoms

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I had a strange sensation in my feet it felt like I had an electric current running through them (very odd). I’ve woke up this morning and that sensation is still there but my feet are now completely numb too! These are both new symptoms to me… Should I worry or is it just another MS symptom?

Thanks in advance


I have electrical current a lot through my feet, especially when I bend my neck. Seems to disappear sporadically through the day and night.

Comes on too when I have been walking or driving as the suspension in my car is quite hard, then after a while it settles again.

Are you getting twitches with the electric current feeling? I do and my MS nurse asked my GP to put me on Amitriptylene. I would take one before bed but it made me very dopey in the morning, so I’v eleft them alone for now but the twitching is back.

Amitriptyline made me drowsy In the mornings too. You could try taking it late afternoon or evening so it wears off a bit before you get up, seems to help.

Hi Rose, yep a ms symptom unfortunately. I used to experience it a lot when walking, the “shock” would shoot into my groin from my foot, most unpleasant. Nelster, Amitriptiline is a terrible drug (for me anyway) took ages for me to feel “normal”, whatever that is!!! I’d rather cope if I can, really dont like the affect off them! Tracey x

Sounds like a relapse I’m afraid. I had numb feet back at Xmas, took 2 - 3 weeks to resolve itself. Try to be patient and contact your MS nurse if you have one to get it noted on your records. Your neuro needs to know these things. I didn’t take steroids as I prefer to let the relapse run its course and steroids come with their own issues. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Had tingling all day in my feet yesterday and foot went numb by the evening but today seems to be fading.

Lets hope it will just start to fade away for you too. Maybe make a note of what you did this week to see if anything has triggered it?

Thank you for all the replies. It’s just a constant thing like an vibration/current running through my feet and now in my legs too. I feel awful too my fatigue is bad and spasms are back too. I’ve phoned Ms nurse and left a message waiting for a phone call back. All started yday but seem to be worse today…

Anything you may have done differently over the last week or so, or not well or any one around you? Could be a relapse but see if it continues tomorrow or if it gets better.

Definitely the right thing to report it. It may well be just another MS symptom but if its new its a sign of disease activity. Such activity influences your treatment options so be sure to let your MS team know.

Waiting for a phone call back from my nurse but I’ve woke up today and now my left lower leg is numb too and my spasms are quite bad. I really don’t want to go to my go as they are not great with my Ms stuff

Don’t bother with the GP, just wait for your nurse. I had similar problems over the last month and have just finished a 5 day course of steroids. Have you over done it lately or been ill or stressed? Cast your mind back as that is what the nurse will ask you first.

I’ve spoken to my MS nurse she says definitely a relapse going to pick up steroids later… Great :frowning:

Have you had steroids before? How big is the dose?

I finished my first ever course on Sunday so if you haven’t had them before and you have any questions would be happy to help.

Good luck.

Thank you. I’ve only ever had IV steroids so this is a new one for me. I don’t start them til tomorrow so I may take u up on that thank you. My Ms nurse has already pre warned me they aren’t nice lol. Xxx

The only thing I felt was a bit hyper, sleep was difficult and a few palpitations. You must have a big breakfast, I had a banana glass of milk and some porridge at about 7.30 am so sleep was better.

its actually afterwards that you feel worse which is what I am experiencing at the moment as you do go through withdrawal, which is what I have just posted on the forum. Dizziness is the real issue and a bit numb all over which can last a week or 2!

Its the one thing my MS nurse never mentioned!

ok thank you for the advice… m going to start them tomorrow so i may be in touch lol. hope your feeling better x

Good luck for tomorrow, keep us posted on your progress