Advice from those that DO know!

I need some advice from those in the know. I’m truly at the end of my tether. I’ve had trangeminal neuralgia for 3 years that is almost under control but have loads of other symptoms that my gp isn’t that concerned about. I have parasthesia in feet legs and hands, my balance is completely shot. I’m now using crutches to get about. My cognitive function is such that I forget very easily and simply cannot remember words as I’m speaking. I have had fibromyalgia for years and I am convinced I have undiagnosed MS. My GP is only concerned about a minor menopause problem and not that I’m almost having to be carried to the surgery. She says it definitely isn’t MS as that would present with the same symptoms as a stroke. I know you folks have a lot on your plate and plenty of other problems to deal with, but if any of you good folks have any advice I’d be grateful - coz I’m not sure how much longer I can stand this situation.

Hi and welcome,

Has your GP checked your knee reflexes. If they are overactive this couldpoint to MS. Also the babinski reflex is when you scrape the bottom of your foot - the big toe should go down to be normal. If it goes up then there is an upper motor neuron lesion undicating possible MS. If he sees these he must refer you to neuro.

To be honest I had to make up extra sympoms to get GP to referr me to neurologist. I do have a neurological progressive problem but it is not MS. My problems are due to radtiation damage.

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I’m sorry to hear of your doctor’s dismissive attitude. I’m not saying for a minute you DO have MS, as I can’t possibly tell, but it can present with many and varied symptoms, from the (comparatively) minor, to indeed resembling a stroke. It’s nonsense to say it “always” looks like a stroke.

Simplest answer? Change doctors! Either permanently, or, if it’s a multi-partner practice, just see one of the others one time, and see how it goes from there. If they have a more constructive attitude, stick with them. You don’t have to keep going to a doctor you’re not satisfied with. Take the initiative and switch.

Let us now how you get on!



Hi, I dont think your GP is qualified to rule out MS definitely…that`s why we have specialists!

I would ask to see a different GP. The one thing any docs dont like is you telling them what you think you`ve got.

So do ask about a referral to a neurologist.