Advice about returning to work

Hi all

Im asking for some advice when I return to work. I’ve been on sick leave for 18 months following an viral illness which led to an episode of Transverse Myelitis which was then diagnosed as RRMS, plus major heart complications of left bundle branch block, dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure (stage 3b). I’ve never been off for anything like this length of time or had chronic health problems of this nature before.

After lots of medications, physio therapy, a CRT-D implant, cardiac rehab etc, I’m very much improved.

My EDSS has been assessed as 2.5, I can walk well independently but my legs and arms get tired and tingly after use and I can get very breathless and tired quickly.

I’m due to return to work in the NHS as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a very busy walk in centre next week. I am being given an extended supported phased return which I am very grateful for. But I would appreciate any help or advice that people can offer to make my return more comfortable, manageable and less problematic. Thank you for reading my post.

Dear KT201, I am very sorry not to give advice, but do want to share that amidst lots of symptoms (diagnosed RRMS in May 2017), I am due to return to work in a very busy, teaching and head of department load in a months time (12 months absent) Very nervous, and after being one of their very strongest and steadfast members of staff, I am now an exhausted, cognitive failing, constipated mess. I look forward to seeing any advice that you receive. Very best wishes to you, Ali.

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Familiarise yourself with the legal position re Legal protection for someone with a disability. Don’t assume that managers HR are familiar with the law in this matter and don’t assume that they will always have your best interests in mind.(sorry to be a tad cynical here!) You may have to fight for your rights. If it comes to working part time check the implications of this on any future pension you may get.


I hope you are all feeling better.

I am currently being phased in very slowly at work after an acute relapse in October, with possible new relapses since - MRI with GAD today to check.

My work (so far) have been brilliant in helping me get back into work. I have seen Occupational Health and I am lucky in so far I have a very sympathetic doctor who is helping at every stage. I am currently working from home reduced hours and I am due to go back to the office one day a week (again, with reduced hours) next week.

I guess, what I am find frustrating is my own struggle to accept that after 4 hours I am exhausted and fatigued. One thing I am learning is that it is a very slow process and everyone is different in their own return. Although my work and manager are brilliant, I still have looked at the processes and legalities to ensure we are all going on the right path.

Good luck in everyone’s return.