Advance warning of relapse 'Herald' symptom

Knew the symptom diary would come in handy. I can see that before the relapse begins proper, I have a week or so of a very odd sensation:

As I am walking on different surfaces (ie. tiling, carpet etc.) at the point where the surface changes I get a sensation as though I have stepped on something and slipped. Very short sensation but enough to check my stride and make me take notice (its like slipping a little on a water splash on a tiled floor).

It only happens in the run up to a relapse and before the other symptoms kick in/ramp up.

Does anyone else have a ‘Herald’ symptom?

How interesting. I can’t say I have had anything that feels quite like that. Usually with me, the trouble first appears as a low-level form of what it’s going to turn into as the relapse develops. I will be interested to read others’ experiences.