admitted to hospital

Just had date through to be admitted to start lemtrada treatment absolutely scared (edited) now :frowning:

you will be fine! you will be fine!!! you will absolutely be fine! you will absolutely be absolutely fine!!!

lemtrada is one of the most powerful drugs to fight ms.

don’t be scared, it’s your ms that will get its bum kicked, not you!

try to look forward to it.

when the worries get to you just repeat the affirmation above

carole x

Lol thank you its abit of scary process freaking me out xx


i am just curious…

why admitted and for how long? i ask because i have never been admitted (even tho i have been in some stated with ms-still am if truth be known) but i am genuinely curious about reasons/symptoms that require getting admitted.

as others have said, am sure u will be fine!


Hiya ellie Lemtrada treatment requires week stay in hospital because it’s given through intervenous drip xx

Hope it all goes well for you and you feel much better when you get home.

Janet. x

Thank you Janet will let everyone know how it gets on xx

Just keep thinking - MS take that!! Good luck, hope it all goes well.

I’m on Gilenya but if that fails for me then Lemtrada would be my next choice. For some reason it scares me slightly less than Tysabri.

Tracey x

hiya again

thanks for telling me-i didnt realise that. i have been on tysabri for over a year and thats 2hrs as an outpatient monthly.

take care… ellie

Good luck miss Pittstop! BTW, is your first name Penelope or are you too young to remember wacky race’s :slight_smile:

Haha yes it is unfortunately and yes do remember lol Thanks guys xx