starting lemtrada

Morning guys currently laying on hospital bed with intervenous machine pumping me full of steroids. Officially start lemtrada then emotional wreck is under statement :frowning:

Don’t be scared! This is supposed to be an amazing drug, you’re very lucky. Having said that, i would feel the same. Hugs

Petrified is understatement thanks xx

Why are you so scared?

Really?being hooked up to machine and being pumped full of drugs the pain I’m in is horrendous xx

I’m sorry. I was just wondering if it’s potential side effects that scare you. Sorry if this came out wrong. I asked to go on lemtrada but apparantely my ms isnt active enough so got tecfidera instead.

Sorry I’m just so stressed. I’ve been very lucky all I’d say I d’s keep nagging it is supposed to be amazing drug but is very aggressive treatment and loads of side effects. Only on day 1 suffering already just keeping strong xx

Good luck with this.

I hope it gets your ms under control and i hope the side effects calm down.

It really is a good drug but does not come without risks. It must have been a big decision to have this drug.

I’m on Tecfidera so have no experience but i think you are very brave to go for this

Best wishes


Thank you guys really appreciate it xxx

Just to say im thinking of you, you must be very scared but I hope you feel well looked after in the hospital. When you feel better it would be great to hear a review on how your week has gone and your recovery. Lots of us are thinking of this drug , the thought even worries me so well done for getting this far . Sending hugs and thoughts to you xx

Good luck Miss Pittstop. I hope it works for you. I know two people who have had this treatment and they are both doing very well. One had no side effects and the other has thyroid problems but she says they are easier to control than major relapses and she doesn’t regret it for a moment. You would never guess she has MS. Stay strong. If Gilenya fails me then I think I would choose lemtrada over tysabri

Tracey xx