Adapting and getting used to it!


The diagnosis of MS has been bandied around in front of my eyes for some years now. I’ve ran scared , denied and hoped it would be something else. When enough doctors, therapists and specialists tell me it’s that , I was very scared and thought that life for me would come crashing down around me.

Over the last couple of weeks,however , everything has just clicked into place ! Doors have opened and i realise I’ve just got to adapt my life and it doesn’t have to be all that terrible. I have applied for the DLA and hope to achieve the higher level as i think a car with hand controls will improve my tired and weary legs and keep me mobile.(my job and car is what i was scared of loosing the most).

My friends and colleagues have all been great and i feel i can face what ever shape this MS will try to change life , but all i’ll have to do is adapt,adapt, adapt !

As you can see, i’m in a very good place right now !

So glad to hear that things seemed to have fitted into place and glad to hear its a more positive experience for you now. And so glad that you’re friends and colleagues have been so understand and supportive to you :slight_smile:

It’s lovely to hear that you are feeling so positive about things. Teresa xx

That’s good to hear. Sometimes things need to brew for a while before the time is right to take the next step. I hope all goes well for you. Alison x