Achalasia and possible MS update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for replying to my previous post.

I am currently waiting surgery for my Achalasia my surgeon has asked the neurologist to look at my case as he believes there could be a connection and my CIS is potentially more.

The neurologist (who is the only MS specialist in my area apparently) wrote a 1 sentence response "I believe this diagnosis cannot be connected with any previous symptoms and should be treated independently. "

However I looked back at my last letter sent to my GP from the neurologist and it actually mentions "patient complains of swallowing difficulties on occasion ".

Even after this my lesions, optic neuritis (several occasions) and now Achalasia (which is a problem directly with the nerves in my throat) I thought he may want to re-evaluate me or have a MRI?

I did have a negative lumber puncture if that makes andy diffence?

I of course don’t want MS or any illness but myself and family know something is going on. How do I move forward? Can I really be the anomaly that gets a CIS diagnosis and then randomly gets a different autoimmune disease?

I sadly cannot afford private care :cry: just a little frustrated really.

All advice accepted and appreciated, even if it is just toughen up and live life :blush:

Thanks everyone

Yes, I remember your earlier post. It’s very difficult, when we feel that our medical advisors aren’t really listening, and hospital specialisms do operate in silos, not always communicating well and rarely (if ever) looking at the whole person, preferring to concentrate on their own specialism. The person who should be your best chance of an informed overall view is your GP. Although it’s hard to know what he/she can do, given that the question has been asked of the neurologist and a clear answer given, even if it is one you feel uneasy about. At the very least, he/she should be able to give you some informed reassurance that all the bases have been covered. All very difficult, and I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation. Of course it is always worth remembering that a person can have more than one thing the matter, and auto-immune conditions do have a tendency to cluster.