what happens now?

Hi All,

Hope someone can enlighten me please. I had my 1st ever episode in June 2013, when i was admitted into hospital for 5 days. whilst there, i had a CT Scan, MRI, and Lumbar Puncture. Eventually the outcome was probable MS. This was a complete bolt out of the blue, as up unto this point MS had never been mentioned.

My original symptoms are still ongoing, dizzyness, terrible nerve pain, and the worst one of all is the constant Fatigue. However, i have been prescribed Pregabalin, and just this week Amantadine for the Fatigue…( lets see if it does anything).

I had another MRI Scan in December, and thankfully no new lesions are evident, this was all said to me on the phone by the Neuro’s Secretary, and therefore he doesn’t want to see me until June.

what i wondered is, the Neuro that i have been seeing doesn’t specialise in MS, and therefore i feel that i might be better seeing a Neuro that specialises in MS. My Neuro as diagnosed me with CIS, but thinks it could possibly be MS. This not knowing is really beginning to take its toll on me.

Has anyone any experiences of similar circumstances, and did you get any different answers from a different Neuro? I just feel that My Neuro isn’t particularly interested in ongoing symptoms and only really interested in anything new…

Any advice would be great

Hi If you are not entirely satisfied with the outcome of your appointments with the neurologist (and it sounds to me that you’re not!) then ask your GP or the neuro to refer you to an MS specialist. You are within your right to do so and from personal experience have found specialists to much better. They understand the more obscure symptoms and can explain things a lot better. Hope that helps Lx