Acephalcic Migraines??? x


Hi All

I'm trying to make sense of and identify when, where, why & how my symptoms have been 'manifesting' over the last few years.

Apart from the possibility of ON I can clearly identify at least two 'episodes' that floored me for 3/4 weeks at a time and involved a severe period of what fits in perfectly with the 'MS Hug'.  

Apart from these one period is puzzling me though! I started feeling unwell and then had severe inflammation in my right breast - no infection. I had two lots of surgery for this. The first op removed a lump and some ducts and I had 12 weeks of daily wound packing by the community nurses. Unfortunately the inflammation persisted and I then had to have a major ductectomy - again followed by 12 weeks of painful packing.

During this period all my other symptoms were much worse - particulary the fatigue, stiffness & pins & needles.

What I'm puzzling about is throughout this period 3 years ago I suddenly suffered badly with regular Acephalgic Migraines - aura with no or very slight headache.

Typically my vision would suddenly go - starting with a large blind spot - both eyes - slightly to the right then quickly filling my whole vision.

In the centre would come a bright shimmering spot that slowly enlarges to a full blown jagged, shimmering, coloured arc that fills my vision. The whole thing lasts exactly 30 minutes. No headache follows - just nausea and left feeling washed out for several days


Apart from this 4/5 month period I have not had another one since.

If it turns out I do have MS would this be classed as a relapse? 

Does anyone else have Acephalgic migraines with relapses?


I don't think migraine counts as an MS relapse although many of us do suffer from it (more than would be expected if they were completely unrelated).

You should tell your neuro about it all though. The fact that the other symptoms worsened during what was no doubt a very stressful time is relevant. It is a bit complicated though - migraine can cause neurological symptoms too, so at least some of the increase in symptoms could possibly have been due to them?

Best to let the expert untangle it!

Karen x