? Migraine ? Relapse

Hi all,

I have RRMS and am currently taking REBIF. For the last week I have had really bad migraine attacks that have left me unable to work. I have had these in the past and have tried lots of treatments to no effect. I have tried resting and that seems ok as long as I don’t move. If I get up to do anything it starts firing up again. I am also having increased sensory symptoms e.g. pins and needles in feet and the right side of my face and lips are intermittently numb. I am clumsy at the moment, tripping up etc. Went to see my new GP who couldn’t really help as hadn’t had my full history yet.

Has anyone experienced this? Was it linked to relapse or just migraine aggravating MS symptoms? Any comments gratefully received.

Boo x

Hi Boo,

Just to complicate things (sorry!) can’t migraine also cause numb face? I’ve never heard of it causing pins & needles in the feet, though.

I’ve only ever had one migraine, but was lucky enough to have only the aura (fascinating and beautiful), but none of the other cr@p.

No idea whether my one and only migraine had anything to do with the onset of MS. I think it was about the right era to be connected, but as my Mum and sister are regular migraine sufferers, I knew it was in the family, so didn’t treat it as anything suspicious - even though it was new for me.


Hi Boo,

I may be going off on a tangent but it is well worth asking if this test has been done.

Yes MS does cause headaches but they are worse and more frequent with another complaint that mimics MS Symptoms; Hughes Syndrome. HS even causes lesions on your CNS; see http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm/fuseaction/show/pageid/736

HS can be controlled unlike MS.


Hi George,

Thanks for this. Sounds interesting, although I do know I have had several different blood tests to test for other possible conditions, I don’t know whether this was tested. I will ask at next meeting with MS nurse. I have had two healthy children with no miscarriages though and the intense relapses I have had seem to agree with the MS diagnosis. IV steroids were effective immediately. Still worth a check. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Hi Boo

I get really bad migraine, and do get pins and needles/numbness in my face, arm, trunk, leg and foot, all on the affected side. The last attack I had actually had my leg and toes twitching and rippling like crazy! Numb one side of face, half tongue, and half nose, half lip! Horrible and bizarre. I don’t have MS, but myelitis and some horrible migraine variant.

I hope you feel better soon x

Hi I have Basilar Migraine, this is migraine without headaches if that makes sense. You can have balance probs and pins and needles, I have been given betablockers, however I am still getting attacks.

Jan x