accepted DX?


I was wondering, how long did it take to accept the DX of ms? Its been nearly a year since DX & I still have days when I put it the back if my mind & forget about it. Then other days its like I’ve just been told I have ms, does this make sense

It’s good Minnie, that you have day’s when you forget…that’s great :slight_smile: I have day’s when I think too much about having MS but I don’t like to dwell on it in a deep way. I prefer to concentrate on other people and things…I’m a born coward when it comes to myself lol :slight_smile: xx

Sorry!!! Yes it makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

It’s been 2 yrs for me and it is difficult but it gets better if you feel ok you just get on with it but when symptoms are playing up it brings you down again!!! I don’t think you ever really accept it to be honest you just learn to live along side it in whatever way you can and hope it deals you a good hand! just have to take each day as it comes as it does get easier…good luck Emma x

dislike the terms ‘accept’ and ‘come to terms with’ the m.s. context. (No one can define these terms anyway!)

Hi.Putting it to the back of your mind or forgetting it for the day doesn’t mean that you haven’t accepted your diagnosis.

I do the same thing.My MS is pretty well ‘under control’ with medication.I try not to think about my MS too much though,as I don’t see the point.It has impacted quite strongly on my life,as I am off-sick long term.At the same time,I look completely well -I know that I’m very lucky.I was diagnosed in 2006.After my diagnosis,for a long teie,the first and last thing I thought of during the day was MS.That is no longer the case now,I’m pleased to say.A year isn’t really a very long time you know.

I don’t know if this view interests you,but I also dislike hearing people talk about fighting MS.Fighting MS means fighting against myself,which is something I can’t do.It’s part of me now.

Also people saying ‘I might have MS,but it doesn’t have me.’.Really?

Of course it has me.


Take care,Brenda x

I was diagnosed in 2008. Apparently I have rapidly evolving severe relapsing-remitting MS. It took me ages to even really acknowledge the implications of it. When I was first diagnosed my neuro put me on cyclophosphomise so I had to go to a medical day unit to have a drip once every 4 weeks. I remember one of the other patients telling me that I would end up in a wheelchair in 15 years. I think about that every now and then. The 15 years deadline is getting closer and closer. I know the other patient was probably just a prophet of doom and that it might not be that bad, but I still wonder.

I feel like MS stole my life. When most my mates where out meeting the loves of their lives and getting married and having babies - I was in and out of hospital.

Now, I’m 33 and have nothing.

Hey ho. That’s life, I guess. Nobody said it would be fair.

Accepting dx has, for me, been a long journey. 15 years ago a Neuro first gave me a probable dx, but I clung on to the possibility he was wrong. But this put all the pressure onto myself - it all became kinda mental. I never accepted medication - because I wasn’t ready to accept the dx. And, thankfully, I haven’t gotten a full-on relapse in 15 years. But MS was always there, like a monster in the closet. This year I set about ousting him, got a scan that showed more demylonisation, a definite dx & considering medication options. I’ve found the journey toward accepting to be complex and,at times, scary.

It’s been almost 6 months for me and I still can’t quite grasp that I’ve got it,sometimes I’m fine the other times I think what’s the point,people around me keep telling me to think positively which I try to do but sometimes I find it difficult to. It does seem to make sense about things that have been happening to me over the past 3-4 years the more I read about people’s experiences the more I relate to some of their symptoms but still difficult to accept all the same.

Hi, I have been recently diagnosed (3 weeks ago) and have days when I forget and then panic that means I’m not facing up to things. I’ve never really cried about it or had sleepless nights either and I thought I was a real worrier!!

I think if your ‘well’ when your diagnosed maybe it’s more difficult for things to sink in!

I still think I can beat it and I wont be ill…is that crazy?, some will say ‘I am burying my head in the sand’, some will say ‘its good to think positive’?? who knows

I’m still half waiting for them to say that they have made a mistake and I haven’t really got ms.

I think for me when I had my first relapse I was really poorly, then nothing major happened for another 7 years but that’s when the pins & needles started within 6 months I was DX, during that time I was never poorly, it was just an odd sensation. In the last year I’ve noticed more things & looked back to that when I thought nothing major was happening it turns out there were a few little things that I ignored.

Things have def been up & down over the year and I still don’t really understand it.

I’m trying to be more positive but it’s hard sometimes when its so unpredictable & your wanting to know what to do for the best.

Maybe enjoying life and pretending we don’t have it, is a way to go or is that denial, who knows