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I was first told at the end of the July that I possibly had MS, after two MRI scans which found a rather large lesion and some smaller ones I was told it is relapsing remitting MS early September.

How long does it/did it take to accept you have MS? Feeling slightly lost with it all.

Thank you!

It’s by no means a requirement that you ‘accept’ your MS. It’s there regardless. Following diagnosis, people cycle through all sorts of emotions, from utter rage, through self pity, sorrow, some get to acceptance, but not all. I’m still at a stage of ‘it’s not fogging fair’. And it’s taken me nearly 23 years to get there. I got over the furious anger though!!

MS is a cr@ppy disease. You may find that with the help of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) that you can live with it reasonably well. But it’s difficult to forget that you have the bloody disease.

I suggest you work together with your neurologist and/or MS nurse on finding the right DMD for you. If you have ongoing symptoms, see if you can get some physiotherapy to help recover your fitness level. Try to get as fit as you can. It will pay dividends later on.

If you finally reach a stage of acceptance, good. If you don’t, then just try to live with it regardless. Preferably without too much anger, it’s bad for you.


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Thank you very much for coming back to me. I am still in the stage of feeling a lot of emotions about it all and unfortunately it’s not something many people I know understand.

My general fitness levels are pretty good which is great but going back to see the neurologist to talk treatments/DMDs.

Best wishes