I was diagnosed three months ago and have been started on immune modulators. To help me keep seeing “the bright side of life” have given up my career as a health professional and am taking a time out to look after myself while I come to terms with things. Feel that it’s needed as I was getting anxiety from the stress of working in the NHS and didn’t think continuing in that mode was conducive to me helping my immune system! Just wondered how long others have taken to come to terms with things? I know it’s probably very subjective…

Hi I was diagonoised in July this year and still getting my head around around it, I’ve stopped the crying but still have good and bad days were I feel sorry for myself and that just isn’t me I’m usually the strong one. I have a weakness in my leg so can’t walk far and I look at people jogging and walking and think why me and not you and then feel guilty for having these thoughts. I was a senior working full time in a dementia home but luckily they have been really supportive and am starting as a receptionist part time next week has I have been struggling for about a year thinking I just had a trapped nerve or a slipped disc and eventually work made me see a gp and hey ho now have dx of ms. I saw my physio yesterday for the first time and feel a lot more possitive. Hope you can come to terms with it and I regular come on here and feel there is a lot of support on herexxx

Hi I have been in and out of here a couple of times in the last 2 years. I haad transverse Myelitis with clear brain MRI, ended up with a Behcet Disease diagnosis which can present much like MS…sadly there is now doubt whether it was the wrong diagnosis or have MS in addition. Anyhow I had to see a psychologist as part of the pain clinic routine. She felt I had not accepted the prognosis of a chronic lifelong illness and gave me a reading list of acceptance and commitment therapy. I am an avid reader so I gave it a try but I thought it was pants…however after the last really big relapse I have accepted life can no longer be the way that it was, and I too am considering giving up what was a great career. So I think that you may be closer to accepting your diagnosis than you think as you have already made the leap of putting your health first. I am still a little bit scared of re-inventing myself.

Hi, I was told likely PPMS in July so yes, a lot of tears that month. PPMS is difficult in that when you have a bad day, you can’t really be sure if the next day will be any better BUT you still hope it will be.

I guess in some ways I do live in hope rather than having a real acceptance but the tears are less often now and I am generally coping. I’m self employed so I feel I have to just get on with things as best as I can… I had to give up my part-time job at a gym… yep, I taught classes up to a month before my initial Dx - like Mands, I thought I had a trapped nerve or I was overcompensating for some ligament damage!

Good luck, I think we all just find a way :wink:

Sonia x

Hello you newly diagnosed folk!

The word acceptance is a great word to me. i use it a lot when i see people are fighting a diagnosis. To me, doing that is a huge waste of precious energy…whether it be physical or mental.

I know being diagnosed with something as chronic and incurable as MS, is absolutely terrifying.

But we know, from members here, that there is life after such a diagnosis.

Life can still be lived in a good and fulfilling way. Maybe it won`t be the life you planned for yourself, when thinking about your future years.

You may feel you are not you…for a while, but you are…you`re just a slightly different you…it may take a lot of self searching to realise that.

Never ever belittle yourself, never ever think you aren`t worthy of being listened to, or having good relationships with present or future partners.

If a relationship breaks down due to your MS, or whatever, then that relationship was probably never meant to last.

Whoever you are …you are a VIP…don`t ever forget that, okay?

much luv Pollyxxx

Whoever you are …you are a VIP…don`t ever forget that, okay?

I love that Polly!

I was diagnosed in June and at first I had a bit of a meltdown and cried A LOT! My symptoms are very mild though and I hadn’t had any symptoms or anything since my first ever episode about 15 years ago (which was worse). This year I think I had pushed myself to my limits really and was under a lot of stress. I think my body was just giving me a warning to slow down… which I have done. I stepped down from a stressful position at work and despite the heartache and worry over doing this, I feel a lot better. I know I am very lucky compared to lots of people, so I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud telling people I have MS. I have told very few people, so while I have accepted it, I am also a bit reluctant to share the news with lots of people. Saying that, I felt really rubbish the day my 3 year driving licence came through the post and I am very nervous about getting colds etc, as I really don’t want my symptoms to come back (they’ve almost gone away). It’s hard trying to explain this to those close to me.