Abnormal pupil

Has anyone had abnormal pupil response with MS?

When the pupil dialates in the light and constricts in the


I’ve had optic neuritis, which a lot of people with ms have. One of the things that can happen with ON is an abnormal pupil response when they swing a bright light at your eyes in a dark room. Can’t remember the medical term and how the pupils react thou. Lol.

When someone (GP, I think) observed a slight difference between one pupil and the other, it produced a record-breakingly quick referral to the ophthalmolgist at the hospital - I can’t honestly remember what ailment it was they were anxious to exclude (and did exclude in my case), but something got them moving very fast. So my advice would be not to hang around - get it seen by an expert, just to be on the safe side.


Hi Lakota, Sounds like your talking about Afferent Pupil Defect, see (and that’s no pun) afferent pupillary defect - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia Good luck George