Aberdeen Neuros. Any feedback?

Hi, I have my first app with neuro in just under two weeks and was wondering if any of you have seen anyone at ARI. I’ve read so many comments on here about bad experiences with Neuros and I’m starting to get nervous about my app! I’m not expecting much from this first appointment, that way I won’t be too disappointed! But I do want out of limbo land soon! Helen

Thank you Polar Bear for your comments. It’s good to hear some positive comments about neuro apps. I’m hoping to be able to report a positive one too soon!

Have absolutely no bad things to say about daughter’s neuro in South Ayrshire, have heard from friend who has to go to Aberdeen with his MS that they are very good. Hope you have a good experience. Lx

Hi Helen,

I also have an appointment with Aberdeen Neuros in 4 weeks time. Have heard they are not a bad bunch

Good luck with your appointment, I agree with Polar Bear, write down any questions as it’s always easy to remember them afterwards…


Thanks for the comments, I know I shouldn’t expect them all to be bad! My hubby will be out of the country and I’ll have to go alone to app so I’m really hoping it’s not too stressful. My app is on 11 th so no doubt I’ll post about it afterwards!