A warm hello, felllow carers

Hi. I’m new here on the forum, but not new to MS. My sister had MS (secondary progressive) for many years and died a few years back after making the absolute most of her life despite all the struggle and disability. Our daughter, in her forties, also has MS, and we live close by and support all we can (and indeed only as much as she is happy with!). She is very much chair-bound and requires the help of carers in feeding and all things apart from maintenance of an independent mind, an indomitable spirit and a lovely warm, and at times wicked, sense of humour! I just wanted to say hi - husband and me are exploring this site together and look forward to giving and sharing our support.

Hello Daws and welcome aboard. Sorry you’ve had so much involvement in MS. You’ll find browsing on here and mine of information and is think the Everyday Living forum is probably the busiest. General chat and queries as well as a little humour and madness at times. What more could you want from a forum? Hopefully we’ll see you there too.

hello daws

i love your daughter’s spirit, humour and independent mind.

obviously you love them more.

i wish you all a relatively easy ride on this mystery tour bus.

tons of love

carole x

Hello and welcome,

I think I can speak for everyone that we’d like to give and share our support to you too.

When it comes to wicked humour you can do worse than visit the Brain Fog thread in Everyday Living. Some of the limericks were censored by the moderators.

Best wishes,


Hello Daws

Welcome to the forum.

It must say quite a lot about the two of you as parents that your daughter has maintained her spirit and good humour despite the blasted MS.

Feel free to wander the various forum boards, as the others have said, the greatest traffic is found on the Everyday Living board. In particular the Brain Fog thread.