A small rant about atos


Hi there everybody!

There I was dozing in front of the TV this a.m. when the phone rang and by the time I'd disentangled myself from the cat they rang off. Checked number, dunno them so ignore! 3 hours later in bathroom phone rings meh they can leave a msg - I'm busy! Check number, same as before so dial the number, ATOS - wtf! Oh well maybe they want to apologise for being lackeys to the tyrants! (some hope!) I know they'll ring again...

A couple of hours later I am actually awake and not 'busy' and there they are again wanting to speak to little old me! 'Yes, but how an I help' I say.

'Come for a medical' they say. 'Why?' I say. 'Because we require it.'

'But why?' I say, pointing out I am employed and don't currently need to claim anything apart from DLA and access to work and surely that doesn't have anything to do with them!

'How long have you been working?' 'My GP signed me back to work months ago!'

'How many hours do you work?' '17.5' I reply 'So you are not someone we need to see' (Duhhh- you think!)

'So what do you want with me?' I purr. 'Uh nothing, it looks like benefit agency didn't tell us you were no longer claiming'

'Odd,' I sweetly muttered 'very odd, given that about 2 months ago I went through thi same rigmarole, you even sent me the atosing form that time; yet you still have not got it right' He blamed the BA of course!

I blame both bunches of idiots the Bungling Agency and the Atosers. The government have the temerity to harass those of us who cant work, blame the financial restrictions we are under on scroungers and yet waste time and money chasing after people who are not even in the ratting system! And pay private atosing companies through the nose for being so atosing useless!

Thank you for listening! I feel so much better for getting that out!!!

Apologies Claire from one of those bunch of idiots. We do our best… Sometimes, just not good enough :wink:


In every bunch of apples there are the ones who stand out as firm and wholesome - thank you ‘Secret’ for doing what you can in the sea of chaos that is!

Clare xxx

Cheers mate.. We try our best.