A poem about a fairy helper

Fairy Helper

There’s a fairy

in my kitchen.

She does all the cooking

and is rather good looking.

She likes to do chores around the house

being as quiet as a mouse.

Flying about with her wings,

happily she hums and sings.

Then afterward, we have tea and cakes,

just like the kind mom bakes.

It is a yummy little treat.

Enough writing, let’s eat!

Well, I really expected the fairy helper today. Thought the washing up and the bed would have been made but no, alas she didn’t hear my call.

I bet she’s around on fathers day though

we have a fairy helper at my house.

she is fabulous at cooking and not bad looking either.

oh that sounds familiar… it’s me!!!

have a great day


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my fairy helper is not usually here at weekends-only occasionally but she will be here tomorrow to cook and clean and share a cuppa with me-thank goodness for carers!

hope u all had a lovely day!


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