a little bit of advice please

Hi there not been on for a while just wondering if anyone out there could help me my Daughter is 17 and she is tired all the time legs ache alot and her arms,dosen’t go out much works fulltime , seems to pick up colds like there going out of fashion been to the doctor several times just told to take paracetamol and rest couple times had swollen glands been on antibiotics had a couple of blood test come back fine . Is there anyway she could have ms and how can I go about getting her tested , I was diag last year with ppms after several trips to the docs then calapsing at work and then going through all test it took about 18 months , so not sure what the best thing to do docs just seem to think your wrapping them in cotton wool or your going mad !!! can anyone give me advice please


Quiet understandable why mums are anxious about their children’s health; especially at 17 when life is just starting and the family may have a propensity for MS. But as you know mum there is a long way to go (usually) could at this stage be many things.

Here is an explanation by a doctor of his diagnosis and the various tests; http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/diagnosingms.html

If you want a private appointment perhaps you can recommend your Neurologist? If so ring his/her secretary; they usually take private patients. The initial appointment costs about £200 but all further appointments; drugs; hospitalisation have on the NHS otherwise gets expensive; this is perfectly legal.

Good luck

That is so difficult for you, worrying about your daughter’s health and fearing the worst while still in the fairly early stages of dealing with your own dx. That is a lot to cope with.

It sounds as though the doctors are telling you that the chances of your daughter having MS are very, very very small. And it sounds as though you are having trouble believing them. And no wonder - life has just shown you that bad stuff can come out of the blue in the form of your own dx. It seems to me very understandable that you own early-warning system for spotting trouble will now be set to ‘Critical’ - most particularly when the matter concerns your child. The trouble is, when this happens, a person does tend to start jumping at shadows, and once a person starts worrying about this kind of thing, it can be very hard to stop, even when she knows in her heart that the doctors are probably right.

My suggestion for now would be to try (hard, I know) for a state of calm background vigilance, rather than high alert - that would be a good start. Life has hit you a nasty blow. That does not mean that it will happen again. Please give yourself permission to believe that your child is not under some terrible threat that only you can force the doctors to see. The anxiety of worrying that she has MS when she most likely hasn’t is going to take its toll - probably on you both.

I hope that time passing will ease your mind completely. I am sure that you can look back in your own experience on nightmare fears that have just melted away like bad dreams, leaving only a nasty memory. May this one do the same. I am sorry that you are having such a wretched time at the moment.


l am the same with my daughter - any ache/pain/tiredness and my brain starts me worrying overtime - She did have glandular fever when she was about 14 - and l know it can be a pre-cursor for ms - l had shingles twice before l was diagnosed and l was told that shingles is also a pre-cursor. Us mums will always worry - and automatically blame ourselves.

My daughter has read all the info on MS - including Overcoming MS -and several other books l have on the subject so she does know the importance of vitamin d3 and b12 deficiency. l get my levels tested every 6months via CityAssay labs B/Ham. lt is just a pin prick blood spot test so easy to do. l do take a high level vitamin d3 - but still my levels are below whats recommended. l do find that these supplements help with tiredness /fatigue/ and help protect me from colds etc.

Have you spoken to your GP about your fears - as worrying does not do us any favours. But then you do not want to frighten your daughter with what could be nothing to fear.

l expect all mums on this forum will have had the same doubts as you have. Many health conditions mimic ms. Especially B12 deficiency. Google ‘Could it be B12’ an epedemic of misdiagnosis.

thanks all advice much appriciated xxx

Hi Has your daughter been tested for glandular fever as this is relatively common in that age group? Just a suggestion and a hope ithat ts that rather than MS

((((HUGS))) Mary