A gardening question

Hello, just after some tips please. Most of our garden now is hard landscaped one way or another apart from a shallow raised border which we have filled with alpines to keep the weeds down, and give us some colour. Other than that it is pots for the patio. We usually pot them up with bedding plants, but this is getting more difficult for me now, so does anyone have any suggestions for perennials or evergreen shrubs suitable for growing in pots on a sunny patio?

Thanks all you Percy Throwers out there! Yvonne xx

hi yvonne,

all i have is pots in my yard that i have filled with mostly evergreens, i did put in lots of bulbs for colour which i leave in all year. i even grow some veggies in pots including runner beans using a rose arch for them to climb.

the problem is now i am struggling to keep the yard tidy. moving the pots to sweep down so dont have to many unless you have someone else to do the heavy work.

a garden center will give advice as to the best buys but my neighbour cheats, she has a few evergreen shrubs and fills the gaps with silk flowers from the pound shop. it looks very effective. cheap to replace and easy to maintain.

happy gardening

love lorraine x x x x

Hi Yvonne

I used to have hebes in my old garden. They are low growing, and you can give them a light trim if they start to grow too tall. They come in different varieties and different shades of green, I even had a variegated one. They flower in summer and some varieties are evergreen. Have a look in your garden centre or look through some gardening catalogues. I think I bought mine as a special offer in a set of 5/6 varieties for one price. I was really pleased with them. I used to plant spring and summer flowering bulbs in between them for a bit of year round colour.

Tracey x