A dreadful realisation

Hi, Im new, you’ll se why below. Over the last two months it has dawned on me that Im probably in the early stage of MS. I have had various symptoms spread over maybe 6-7 years which were very mild and spread apart. Virtually all the symptoms listed in this website. In June I had a heavy nights drinking, (quite rare for me) and the next day, I assumed that I had the hangover from hell. It probably was, but also my limbs were beginning to become paralysed and my body was shaking. It wore off after a couple of hours and then for a week my index finger kept “vibrating”. Since then all the common symptoms have visited me on a near daily basis (but fairly mildly-so Ive been working etc). this caused me to do the research and here I am. My concern, apart from the obvious- Ive not been to the doctor, because we haven’t got any insurance for the mortgage, and of course as soon as i go down that route toward diagnosis, ill never get insurance (I do have life cover). So, Ive booked my insurance man to sort me out, but, you cant show any symptoms of the thing you’ll end up claiming over for 6 months. So, Im hoping everything stays mild until then! My biggest risk is that as Im a sales rep, I need to be able to drive. If I have to stop driving , no job, no income and very soon, no house. Ive made a couple of silly errors on the road recently, which may be caused by the illness and I’m worried ill cause an accident. I know this is dishonest, but, I have a young family to protect. I would welcome any advice.