A daft question??

is it possible to exercise without using up my limited store of energy?

If one maintains a low enough intensity i think it could be possible.

Calories will still be burned, but not to the extent that any significant consequence would manifest.

Meanwhile, such efforts could yield a certain degree of muscle tone and motility.

Pilates, yoga, maybe even Tai Chi, if not done to extreme, can be participated in without exhaustion i would think.

One for a physiotherapist to answer I think. I do physio exercises on the bed, sometimes with the aid of my OH. The idea is to try and retain / gain strength in core and legs. But I can’t do cardio type stuff that uses energy.


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Not a daft question, but it does depend on how you react to the introduction of any exercise. While seeking the advice of a decent physio is always a good idea, these are probably a good start. Go easy though.


I’ve bookmarked those links Whammel, thanks for sharing them! I really need to get myself moving a bit, but it’s really hard to get into the habit!

i am in bed most of the time these days, but i still do pilates exercises for my legs and core,i can do them laid on my bed,and i find they do help me too.