A cinema treat for you if on high rate DLA

Hi all If you google CEA card and download the application form, for a mere £5.50 and a photo of yourself you can get this card which most cinema’s have signed up to under the provisions of reasonable adjustments of the equality act. It entitles you to a free ticket for the person taking you to the cinema when you buy one full price ticket !! Xx

Many, many thanks for that tip MrsH! By the way after you wrote a little reply to a post of mine about leg spasms, I wrote a little something on how to make your own Magnesium Oil spray but for some reason it still hasn’t been published yet, I included a link to another site could this be the reason?

Not sure…I know the mods are closely monitoring posts because of the kitchen spam, so I guess that’s the probable reason. Enjoy the cinema…I was well surprised when I discovered it !! Xx

Thanks a bundle MrsH. Oh well, never mind, I do understand but I’m not responsible for them, honest! The name of the site is Wellness Mama, it’s up to you whether you’d like to take a look or not but I often visit as it’s got loads of little ‘natural’ health tips and herbal recipies for body/face creams and bath bombs etc. together with this Magnesium Oil. Linda x

Oooo…I will do…thats just my kind of thing…I love avocado face masks !! Xx

Hi, I`ve got a card. Me and 2 carers go to pics most weeks and we share the cost…just £3.30 each! bargain!

luv Pollx

they let a carer in free at my local independant cinema anyway but that’s a top tip for the multiplexes - thanks. I love going to the movies and always feel slightly smug and comfy in my own chair whilst everyone else is wriggly and getting a numb bum half way through!

Got one thanks, it’s great :slight_smile: Sara

I’ve had one for last 3 yrs, very worthwhile!! less than price of 1 ticket and can use at any sitting (excuse the pun )

Ta for the info!