A brief beginner's intro to the brain and MRI

Hi all.

It occurred to me that some of you might be interested in a post I did for the New/Before Diagnosis forum. It’s all explained on there, but basically it’s my attempt to explain a bit about the brain and MRI in the hope that it will help some to better understand neurospeak. Here’s a link (or you can look for the Sticky on that forum):


Karen x

Thank you so much Karen.That’s taken you a good while and by my reckoning is one of the best items ever posted on here.Where where you when I needed to copy some bright spark’s home work?

Steve x

I would say neuro speak is like french, but i can speak fluent french. Its more like mandarin, i wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I have picked up on the movement of csf around a lesion being slow? is that right?

But anyway thanks it will help alot of us out



I love reading your posts Karen as you are always so knowledgeable … Even when people are trying to explain or understand what a scan may have said… You explain it so well! Which is what we need …someone with an understanding and experience of m.s to explain it all clearly. Thanks x

Hi Karen

Wow, that is a really comprehensive post. I think it will take a few goes before I understand even half of it.

The problem for me is that the hospital never managed to get my MRI scans up on screen so I only have their word for what they showed. It’s all academic now as I’m 4 years down the line and managing well (apart from the current relapse) so there’s not much point in seeing them now apart from out of curiosity and when I last asked 2 years ago they still couldn’t access them on screen. So much for all this technology …

My discharge papers from the local hospital do mention the MRI scan of my brain in a little detail but unfortunately I cannot read some of the doctor’s scrawl! I can make out the odd word but that is not much help. As part of the degree do they teach them to write in unintelligible scrawl so that non-medical staff cannot decipher it?!

You have to laugh … it beats the alternative!

Tracey x