I've written an introduction to the brain and MRI...

Every time I spend ages translating someone’s MRI report into simple English, I think, “I must write something that I can copy and paste from” but then don’t do it. Well, I finally have!

One problem: it’s not exactly short. Actually, it is 1665 words long and I haven’t covered everything!

Apart from using it to copy and paste bits when answering posts, I thought I might post the whole thing here so that anyone who was interested could copy and save it to their computer and use it whenever they wanted or to maybe ask for it to be made a Sticky so that anyone could read it when they wanted, but I suspect it might be a bit big for a post.

What do you think everyone? Would you be interested in a brief(!) introduction to the brain and MRI so you might be able to understand your own reports a bit more easily in future? Would you actually read it?!

Mods/Stewart - would the system cope with a 1665 word long post?? (Which I suspect might need adding to when people ask for other things to be included or be better explained.)

Karen x

Thanks Karen, This will be so helpful to so many people and very interesting no doubt. I’m sure loads of us will be glad to have it to hand. Well done you! Teresa xx

Sounds like a great idea! After flunking school and college I’ve decided at 26 that I like learning, so would love to read it. You have kindly translated for me, and I always read what you do for others. Also, if it means you get to spend a little less time translating, that’s got to be a winner!

Fab idea And I’m sure if it was in a sticky for everyone to see it would be well read…well done for putting all that together…Emma x

No worries, it’s a very jolly idea…and would be a useful resource for people. When you post it, I’ll make it a Sticky.


Stewart (admin)

Thanks Stewart :slight_smile:

Warning to everyone though - I thought of a few things more that I should include and although I’ve tried to make it easy to follow, it almost certainly won’t be easy in one go, especially if you are a complete newbie to it.

I’ll do a bit more work on it today and hopefully post it later.

I hope it’s worth the wait now! (Talk about raising expectations!) LOL :slight_smile:


Sounds brilliant Karen. Such a helpful, lovely thing to do for everyone. Look forward to reading it :slight_smile: Thank you Sam xx

Fantastic idea…I fear a pleb like me will still be completely lost !! And may still need to bug the life out of you for a very basic speak interpretation !! I apologise in advance…just tell me to nick off !! Xx

Brilliant idea Karen!


Pat x

great idea - would b v useful for all of us.




Karren your wonderful, thank you I know this will help everyone

Great idea, Karen. Would love to read this.

You help so many people on here, so thankyou from all of us.


Karen, why did you not say this a few weeks ago, I have spent hours wading through the net looking for something like this, just one thing though. Please can you write a simpler version to explain the simple version.

LOL at the simpler version to explain the simpler version. You may well be right - I might cause more questions than I answer!


What a great idea Karen and on behalf of all, a great big thank you. I’m sure it will help lots of people.



That’s a brilliant idea Karen - THANK YOU - look forward to reading it. :slight_smile:

Hazel x


That’s a brilliant idea Karen - THANK YOU - look forward to reading it. :slight_smile:

Hazel x

[/quote] I may have made a mistake in the title… It’s the Sticky by me. Kx

Doh! I meant WITH the title, not IN the title!

Karen, that sounds an amazing idea. Maybe the administrators would allow it to stay in a sticky, obviously with a ‘contributor’ label. check out the US site Medhelp MS forum they have Health Pages attached to their forum which are very useful. You can raise expectations whenever you lie as I don’t believe anyone would be disappointed with your honest and knowledgable approach. Pat x