A bit wobbly

I have been trying to get out more since getting the new chair. It’s good knowing that it’s not going to break down on me but I’m finding it much more twitchy than my last chair, it feels wobbly like I’m going to go over on my side or tip back. I’ve heard that this can be normal with powerchairs with the non puncture tyres. I’m not complaining about it I’m so happy I’ve got a new chair, but has anyone else found this to happen. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

My front wheel drive/steer chair is certainly more twitchy than the other. It’s very responsive and I’m looking forward to getting it back after the seat has been replaced. Yours is a six wheeler isn’t it? If that’s the case it will be very sensitive but have no fear, these chairs are the most mobile. The change of centre of gravity will take some getting used to. In between times, think of how many other wheelchairs you’ve seen tipped over; pictures Froddy high street with a sea of up-turned chairs and a mass of flailing limbs.

Just be careful on slopes and cambers. This is when you need to find the best way to nurse your joystick to prevent sudden movements. It sounds quite exciting to me.

Best wishes, woof woof, Steve. x

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Hi Michelle

Cant say I have noticed that, although I have been using one for years now, so probably immune to any foibles now.

Just a thought…I presume you have got anti tip wheels on the back for when you go up kerbs?

Enjoy your independence and stress free wheeling.

Pam x

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Michelle it is very sensitive, with the six wheels I find mine super but going up the ramp into the car and reversing back out is very interesting! I managed to tip my last one over but that was four wheel s the Salsa has been terrific.


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Thanks Steve, Lee warned me that it would be more sensitive they’ve used central wheeldrive with some clients in his job. it’s a much better chair than my last one and if anything goes wrong it will be covered by the nhs (Ross care) theu will come out if I have any problem. It’s just a case of getting used to it. There are 6 wheels two smaller caster ones at the back and big wheels in the middle and two more caster style wheels at the front. It hasn’t got the capability to climb curbs but that’s okay I never had that with the last chair I just look for down curbs. It does feel like you are going to tip back sometimes like the front wheels have occasionally left the floor when I’m going up a steep incline…a bit unnerving but I’m a dare devil anyway. I think it just a case of getting used to it. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Pam, how long have you had yours for? I think it’s just a case of getting used to it Michelle and Frazer xx

Yours is a Salsa too Don ? What colour is it? Ive taken the head rest off mine, I’m not used to one with a head rest and I felt a bit embarrassed by it, it made me feel disabled. We are having to get another car urgently now i wanted to wait till I got the chair before I got another car but we cant use the chair in this car the hoist isn’t strong enough and it’s not the right car for me anymore, some days transfering is hard. Michelle and Frazer xx

I have been using a powerchair for 20 odd years now, but inside as well for about 8. I can sometimes furniture walk in a fashion but that’s less and less now, my wheelie is a real good friend to me, far better than keep kissing the floor lol

Take special care on the cambers, you will be fine I am sure you will quickly learn its sensitivity.

Pam x

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